“Whether sailing small boats with my teenage son, walking the dogs with my partner, or playing Uno with my young daughter, I find it hard to get theatre out of my blood at any time. Unwinding, relaxing, de-stressing to me is often exercised best while performing on stage especially when the story I’m telling is witty, comical or filled with pathos. Doing nothing is difficult.”

When George Bernard Shaw, his grandfather and Jan Smuts left this planet they, were replaced with David Muller; since then everything changed. Eventually the clouds parted and the fun began. His grandmother wrote in one of her round-robin letters, “Only ten months into his life and David is already entertaining his siblings with his antics.” Later he began acting formally on stage until someone showed him a baobab tree in the Kruger National Park, a brush-broom moustache and some theories about physics which changed the thinking about the universe and he wrote and played in a one-man show, Imagining Einstein. But we move too fast so let’s backtrack a wee bit.

Retrenched from Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Durban where he worked as an actor, David wrote 300 letters to 300 primary schools claiming he would dramatize any book, for a small fee of course, with their school children. He got three replies: one said no thanks, the other maybe, the third said yes. Calling himself the Merry Scholar, David began visiting schools giving drama workshops around these books. The rest is history? Well almost.

Returning to his home town in Cape Town he added Maynardville and Shakespeare to his repertoire, as well as the odd television series like Dirk De Villiers’ Arende II and III, movies like Ernest Goes To The Army with Jim Varney, Tropical Heat, Philanthropist, Laugh Out Loud, Madam & Eve, Backstage and Jab. But theatre especially theatre-in-education is what kept him sane. He was also seen in Gogol’s Diary of a Madman both in Cape Town, Durbs and at the Black Sun in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. It didn’t take long before, alternate-educational institutions such as the Two Oceans Aquarium and MTN ScienCentre gobbled him up and he was dunked in researching, writing, directing and acting in shows like Seymour, the Seal; iKlips!; Ta ta ma Genes, Travelling Tales of Ibn Battuta and Imagining Einstein. He also became a laughter yoga teacher, certified mind; found a partner produced two wonderful children settled in Muizenberg and continued entertaining audiences far and wide.

Today he has succumbed to placing himself on this website so that no-one can have the excuse of not knowing that he is here to serve you!