Drama Workshops

The Merry Scholar alias David Muller visits primary schools with various stories including his environmental story Poolspew & Goodroprain; extracts from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. The aim is to get the children to dramatize these stories in the forty to sixty minutes of the Merry Scholar’s visit. The benefits of these drama workshops include getting the children to role play; have fun; build confidence amongst their peers; have fun; engage with their own self-discipline; have fun; experience certain theatrical techniques such as the double take, miming, voice projection, audience participation, improvisation, learning about the pause, learning about the physical hesitation for drawing attention, creating characters from within and without, in short to create something out of nothing.

We need the air that we breathe and a flat space to tell a good story. All that’s missing is our audience which a good story always attracts, eventually…from David Muller’s Memoirs of a Merry Scholar.

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Oom Schalk

Father Christmas

David Muller

Laughter Yoga

A certified Laughter Yoga Teacher is our boy, David Muller. Please know that the Yoga part of this forty minute session refers only to the breathing while laughing. No-one will be asked to get into any compromising position. Anyway what’s wrong with the odd twist or turn of the ole body?

Laughter releases natural endorphin’s three minutes of laughter is tantamount to a good forty minutes of exercise in your local gym. Laughter lifts your heart to new heights as it were. It’s been known to heal people, read Norman Cousins Anatomy of an Illness Cousins was dying of a debilitating illness; he checked himself out of hospital into an hotel where he rented all the funnies, Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy and found that ten minutes of laughter gave him two hours of pain free sleep. Cousins played the piano once more and eventually died a natural death.

Get ten or more of your staff together give David forty minutes and he’ll have you rolling on the floor, an experience you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Master of Ceremonies

David has been MC’ing for many years. He most recent work in this field was for the youth sailing nationals in Swart Vlei in the Wilderness. A keen dinghy sailor himself he has been invited to MC the Fireball worlds in Mossel Bay this year. Perhaps you need to book him before his diary fills up!

Script Writing & Directing

“Give me the facts, give me willing actors and I will conjure up a play for all to see and enjoy,” says David. Commissioned by Dr Gill Black then of Stellenbosch University he did it with tuberculosis, he wrote a play called Touched by TB and with a cast of nine he directed & presented it at one of Grahamstown’s SciFests. iKlips starring Mark Hoeben, Brenda Nxgoli and Dizu Plaatjies is another success story. Travelling Tales of Ibn Batutta was taken to Dubai.

Father Christmas

Want a Father Christmas who has been one since ma fell of the bus well since 1988, or thereabouts? Well then look no further call David now and book him for December. Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum!!!