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Catch the Merry Scholar, aka Cape Town actor, David Muller before he leaves on another tour of the country

He has quite a few shows on offer; high entertainment.

He can deliver to your stage-doorstep at the drop of a hat. His props and set are minimalistic in the extreme.

Your stage door could open into your sitting-room, back garden, sidewalk, even your private beach, restaurant or theatre. Only his Imagining Einstein wouldn’t fit up his sleeve; for this he just needs a power outlket and a white screen, he’ll bring the rest.

Theatre is the best tool for storytelling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Story-telling, the best tool for laughter & tears.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Once you have experienced the laughter & tears it’ll be filed away in your heart for ever.                                                                                                                                                  Memoirs of a Merry Scholar by David Muller

And the shows?

 LOVE SEX FLEAS GOD, Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

What drives a man to say, “I’d rather get a dog,” when his                                                                                                                 dying mother suggests he settle down, marry, have children.

The answer is in Bruce Clark’s autobiographical book, Love Sex Fleas God, confessions of a stay-at-home father, now a theatrical adaptation                                                           Directed by Celia Musikanth, Circle Productions has David Muller as Bruce and a host of other roles in this single-hander. Love Sex Fleas God is amusing, authentic, honest, and poignant with many moments that resonate . Parents-to-be, definitely fathers-to-be will be inspired as quiet, reserved Bruce turns his toxic childhood into an awesome fatherhood.

What the Critics are saying:

This is the latest in the impressive series of David Muller’s characterizations. Joining HC Bosman’s Oom Schalk, Einstein, Tommy the Kalk Bay Fisherman, the Narrator of Whale Nation.                                                      Lieske Bester, False Bay Echo

A theatrical tour de force…brilliant acting, direction…on stage is naked, honest humanity, fuelled with a sustained, lively pace, underpinned by humour, gloriously honest poignant moments ; all of this should be…seen again and again                                                                                              George Hill, Casa Labia

Inspirasie vir ander pa’s om pa te wees in ‘n moderne veranderende samelewing                                                                                                              Marchelle Van Zyl, Die Burger

Muller tackles this rich agenda with unforced authority…Musikanth’s direction steadies the pace…All the anxieties, frustrations and delights of sex, marriage and fatherhood are woven into the layered texture of the script, what emerges is the redemptive powwer of love (as well as the fun of sex, the inconvenience of fleas – the couple have a dog – and the role of spirituallity in bringing a measure of sdanity to an insane world)…an evening of thought-provoking theatre                                            Beverley Brommet, Cape Argus

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Well, there is Heathcote Williams’ Whale Nation a forty minute epic poem about those gigantic creatures who prefer the sea. It’s a listening piece directed by Claire Watling and originally commissioned by Prof Mike Bruton for the Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town in 1996. If you wish to ’edutain’ your staff at a corporate do, this is for you. Or for your high school – David once presented Whale Nation to a thousand scholars at Bergvliet High School; when his audience realised that he was genuine, sincere and believed in what he was sharing with them they quietened down and were soon feeding out of his hand.

David MullerOf course an audience of one hundred people or less would make for the best performance in a venue which excludes all extraneous sounds and sights. However David has performed it once under the skeleton of a Bryde’s whale in Bahrain and also standing in the shore break of the Atlantic Ocean while his audience sipped cocktails on the beach. It will work in your sitting room or back garden for your friends and family who are interested in the ecology, the environment and the well-being of all that lives in the sea and on land. If you understand English, Whale Nation could work for you. Read some reviews here!

Blue seas cover seven tenths of the earth’s surface And are the domain of the largest brain ever created With a fifty-million-year-old smile ……..from Heathcote William’s Whale Nation


From a monologue with no props, SFX’s (Sound Effects) LFX’s (Lighting effects) to a one-man show that has everything. No I’m not being sexist when I say ‘one-man’ Like chairman ‘man’ here comes from the Latin ‘manus’ meaning hand. If you like I could say single-hander which may bring happier imaginings. And that’s half the title of the next piece on offer: Imagining Einstein. Imagining Einstein commissioned & conceptualised by Prof Mike Bruton, written and performed by David Muller and directed by Adam Neill was first staged in the MTN ScienCentre, Cape Town, to celebrate the International Year of Physics 2005, in 1905 Albert Einstein wrote four or five papers which changed the way we thought about the universe. His findings have profoundly affected our lives and will continue doing so.

David Muller as Albert EinsteinThis critically acclaimed play will not only help you to understand Einstein’s thinking, it will physically get you to see his theories in action. There is much audience participation; there is a power-point presentation throughout; even Mozart may be heard in the background and the actor as Einstein gets to play his violin. It’s a tour de force. Your educational institution is best suited for this piece of theatre. However Imagining Einstein works under a baobab tree in the Kruger National Park also. David performed it there for a sixtieth birthday celebration although riding a 1929 bicycle to the venue proved somewhat hazardous. You will see from the review that it may be performed for theatre-going public in a proper theatre too. This 75 minute play may be tailor made to suit your busy schedule. Read reviews here!

I never learned to drive a car, it was too complicated………..Albert Einstein


This has developed in David’s favourite show. Our favourite and probably the greatest short story writer Africa has ever produced, Herman Charles Bosman uses the fictitious Groot Marico farmer, Schalk Lourens to tell his tales, short and tall. With Patrick Mynhardt’s death came a void which David has filled aptly and successfully. David & his director Celia Musikanth have spent many hours sifting through the best of Bosman and come up with three different shows. They have all been critically acclaimed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and have travelled the length and some of the breadth of South Africa. Once again David has applied his minimalistic thinking to ease the burden of transporting his shows. All he uses is a wire windmill, a wooden bench and a tin mug. As a treat for having so much fun on stage David serves Oom Schalk’s favourite tipple to those in the front row and on opening nights a lucky patron stands a chance of walking off with one of Bosman’s anthologies. Read reviews here!

It’s not the story that counts. What matters is the way you tell it. The important thing is know just at what moment to knock your pipe out on your veldskoen…..H C Bosman’s Mafeking Road


From genius to Tommy, the indigent Kalk Bay fisherman. Seymour Howe’s Harbour, the Kalk Bay Musical is a play about the life of a fisherman who has trouble with his ‘goose’ Maraai. This is not to be confused with his faithful fishing skuitjie (boat), Maraai KB683 although he often finds more solace aboard Maraai KB683 than ‘aboard’ Maraai his goose who turns out to be not so faithful. Tommy is delightfully portrayed by David Muller with singer songwriter Bill Knight singing his own lyrics and accompanied by his acoustic guitar and harmonica. Like Whale Nation Harbour can adapt to almost any venue. It’s funny and yet filled with pathos. Tommy tells stories which are intertwined with Bill’s lyrics. Let Harbour take you on a journey from Kalk Bay Harbour to Cape Point, Hout Bay, Devil’s Peak upon the slopes of which Tommy challenges Van Hunks while suffering from a humungous hangover – too much OB’s (Old Brown Sherry) to Garies, Namaqualand. Read reviews here!

Nay Maraai, you mus live onner bright side…there’s less treffik………from Seymour Howe’s Harbour, the Kalk Bay Musical